Friday, October 19, 2012

Inconsiderate Croup. . .Croptober #14

Croup is an unkind snotty brat.  It doesn't care that it gets you up at 2:00 in the morning.; or that it woke you the night before at the same time.  It is shows no mercy for those heading out in the dark of night to sit on the back porch with your child.  It could give a flying rat patootee about the hideous sounds it creates in your child.  I believe I heard it laughing in my face as I headed for a doctor appointment, and resulting prescription this morning when I should have been home enjoying a morning of checking things off my to-do list.  With any luck, Croup is gonna take a flying leap with a good hard shove from Steroid.
Today's challenge/inspiration comes again from Pinterest, though they linked to an Etsy shop.  I didn't grab the link, I'm sorry to say, because these little things need to come live in my family room.  I'll search Pinterest tonight and see if I can find the original link.  But aren't they adorable.  The colors, the texture.  What will they inspire you to create on your layouts or cards?
Show me by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's prize: a $5 Gift Card to Apron Strings.
Off to get dinner on the table and keep a 4 y.o. with Croup from being, well, 4.
Happy Friday.


Jessica Navarro said...

So sorry to hear about your Croup visitor! That is terrible. I hope it leaves quickly!

Deanna said...

Hope your son is doing better today, Lori!

This should be challenge #14 and I added my link, "Mario Trick or Treats"