Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Croptober. . .Reboot Day 1

When did October get here?  Totally unprepared for that flip of the calendar.
I spent Sunday clearing out some boxes for give-away, so there's a neat and tidy corner near my Studio space.  'Course it's not in my Studio, that remains a semi-dark abyss-like space, but still . . . there's a tidy corner nearby.  The scrapbook supplies I cleaned out, in what, January, are finally in the hands of happy Kindergartners.
Croptober is here!  A month of cropping, creating and using up stash.  Oh, and prizes. . .natch!  Since I blew my shot with starting on the 1st, we'll just pretend it was planned this way. ;D
Today's inspiration comes from the haul my 4 y.o. brought home from his field trip to a farm - the mud-palooza trip.  You should have seen his socks.  I had to ask him if he wore his shoes on the farm.  Anyway, he brought home quite a few goodies, the pumpkin has since received its face and sits happily in the living room with the dried corn.  The rest has been washed and is awaiting use in this week's menu.
Anyway, use the photo below for your inspiration to create your layout or card today.  The colors (which are coincidentally in the American Crafts Pumpkin Patch line in the Bigger kit this  month), the theme - farms, harvest, fall foods, canning.  Or maybe it's the shapes - the round of the cabbage and potatoes, or the triangular look of the corn.  You decide how it inspires your creation and upload it by Sunday evening to be eligible for the prize. . .which I haven't decided on yet.
Happy Tuesday,


Charlene said...

I love Croptober!! I'm out of town at a church retreat this weekend so I'll have to catch up next week:) I've been busy with my new baby....not much time for scrapping anymore :(

Deanna said...

Just back from our vacation to Mexico and see you're having your Croptober Challenges! I'll try to play along as soon as I get caught up on laundry and everything!