Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Step Away From the Preztel Rolls . . . Croptober #6

Have you had these?  Nope, not hot crossed buns, but pretzel rolls.  I must say, I am not a pretzel fan.  The hard, snack kind must be covered in yogurt, or better yet chocolate and caramel, for me to enjoy.  The soft kind, I tend to stick with the desserty-version, if I have to eat one.  But these.  These are great!  The pretzel flavor is mild, and they are soooo soft.  Like a bagel, but softer.  I think I've gained like 15 pounds in the last five days because these are in the house.  The night we first enjoyed them was with potato soup; we were all hooked.  The cinnamon cream cheese I'm slathering on them, may have something to do with my pants fitting a tad tighter, too.  Maybe I should rethink grabbing the pumpkin cream cheese I saw the other day. . .seriously, I may be two rolls away from the need for an intervention.  And the fact that they have a good amount of protein in them, isn't helping my cause for eating less.  If you have a Costco near you, I recommend giving them a try - though I hold no responsibility for cravings induced.
Speaking of pumpkins, take a gander at Jennifer Halleck's layout, using the Smaller than a Breadbox October kit, the Bo Bunny line (shipping out to you soon!).  Love the photos along the bottom, the focal photo, even the secondary focus.  Really, there isn't anything I don't like about it - except I can't claim it as my own.  Today it is also your inspiration for Croptober.  What can you take away?  The theme - pumpkin patches?  Big-butt pumpkins?  A trip you took?  The colors - the rich oranges, reds and golds?  Or the layout itself?  Whatever it is upload it by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's drawing.

So much to do today and there's still only 24 hours in a day!  And pretzel rolls, with protein, to keep me rolling.  Maybe literally, as in I've eaten so much just roll me out the door.
Happy Tuesday.

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Deanna said...

I was inspired by the outdoors photos and the Fall colors.

Added my link, "The Apple Orchard"