Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween. . .Croptober #22

Happy Halloween!
I sent off one doctor, who looked too cute - pics tomorrow.  One dinosaur.  One young man dressed for a dance with a nod to Halloween in his purple dress shirt and lime green tie (this boy is getting too big for my tastes!)  One younger man dressed for a class party at a local fun center - his only allowed recognition that it's Halloween, his bright orange shirt (don't get me started on this topic!) 
I've got candy to buy, and a box to find for the 12 y.o.'s costume, but otherwise I think we're good to go tonight.  The 15 y.o. is heading to a party with friends and the 13 & 12 y.o. will probably end up taking the 4 y.o. around the neighborhood.  Time, they are a changin'. And I don't like it.
Grab a little spirit today with this layout by Kristin Perez using her October Bigger than a Breadbox kit - the October Afternoon Witch Hazel line.
Croptober's final challenge/inspiration comes straight from Design Seeds.  Uh, and look at that, the same color scheme that Kristin used. . .Wow.  That would mean you can find these colors in the last couple remaining Bigger than a Breadbox October kits. ;D
Happy Haunting!

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