Monday, October 8, 2012

Fresh Mondays and Croptober #5

An early morning Ortho appointment has me all off schedule.  I have some exciting (to me) news that will have to wait for later this week, since this is a quick post.  It's a glorious morning after a wonderfully cold weekend - unless you were a parent of a soccer player at the tournaments this weekend.  Leaves are rich with color and are crunchy underfoot.  My garden, however, is about as unhappy as those players and parents.

I was so excited to see some new "faces" uploading their work for last week's challenges/inspiration.  I hope to see even more this week...which I didn't pick a prize for.  I'll do that tonight to post tomorrow.

As for my weekend, I took it "off."  I ditched most housework and spent time in my studio; a lot of time.  A hint or two of just part of what I was doing is here, but the long list will follow later.

Seems like Mondays can be a rough start, so make your creative time today a little easier by using this sketch from PageMaps.  I love the multi-photo thing, but you could totally do one side or the other and it easily translates into cards, for you card makers.
Just like last week, one entry makes you eligible for the drawing, multiple entries improve your odds and you get more done!  All work is due by Sunday evening.
Happy Monday!

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Donna Nuce said...

Did you ever post the winner from last week? I couldn't see it.