Monday, October 29, 2012

Get Rollin' Monday. . .Croptober #20

Last we left I had a whole 'lotta bakin' going on and more plans than hours in the day.  Let's tune in now and see how that went...
  • Lemon Zucchini Bread - holy quick-bread Batman!  Yum.  Moist, just lemon-y enough.  Make again.
  • Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - Totally moist and you can totally convince yourself their a health-food choice because, duh, there's oatmeal and pumpkin!  Which everyone knows are totally good for you.
  • Pretzel Roll #1 - yeah, didn't get to that one, but they are on deck for baking up this morning.  When I make bread, I use my machine, so this is a first - making bread without my machine and making pretzel rolls - which involves a water bath.  Hmmm. . .
  • Dinner was made and devoured.  After scrambling to figure out a side, I made a humongous potato pancake (thanks to FoodNetwork and $10 Dinners).
  • Last week's laundry wrapped around just in time to start this week's laundry.
  • Purling and I still struggle, but I'm trying not to hold a grudge against it, since it's one of only two stitches in knitting and I kinda need to get a hang of it if I hope to create anything besides wash clothes or pot holders.
  • Soccer did indeed get canceled this past weekend, so we are looking at make-ups.  The official season closes on the 4th, so we'll see what shakes out.  I was looking forward to starting my no-running season, but it looks to drag out for a week or two until the clubs decide what they're going to do with the plethora of games that need making up.
With the open weekend you'd have thought I'd get more done (and I did think about it). . .but no.  DH and I did get out to see "Argo" and have a late supper.  Movie was great and dinner at the new taco place in Old Town was yum!  I also hit the mall with my mother for a delayed birthday present and walked out with a few fun pieces.

Today's Croptober inspiration/challenge comes from Nancy Longo and her layout using the Smaller than a Breadbox October kit.  I love that she used a memo-style paper to create a layout.  So often I cut these types of papers down to create journaling blocks.  I think it's an awesome use of the paper to support her photos.  How will her use of ledger-style paper inspire or challenge you today.

Upload your layouts by Sunday evening to enter the drawing for your chance to win an October '11 All Year Cheer Card kit.

I'm off to try my hand at machine-less bread making, the remainder of my chores, a dash to find a Doctor costume (yes, I waited until the last minute) and prep for dinner with the in-laws (our standing Monday night dinner service.)  I had hoped to hit a pumpkin patch this year, butI think I may be running out of time.  I could take the boys (the daughter will be at work) tomorrow after school up to the closest patch, or I could hit the local grocer and call it good.  Hey, real life isn't always making it to "the patch."
Happy Monday.

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